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Why “Extended Producer Responsibility” Makes Sense
When it comes to waste, nobody wants it. The whole idea of trash is “let's get rid of it,” and “I don't want to think about it.” When salvage and recycling enter the scenario, the result may be less trash, but it's never no trash. What is left is left …
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Windham Solid Waste Management District suspends group of plastics from
Another change to help cut down on overtime saw the district contracting with Triple T Trucking to take occasional loads of co-mingled recyclables to Triple T's transfer station Brattleboro Salvage. This will happen after holidays and busier times of …
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Lower scrap prices fill salvage yards, reduce recycling
The always cyclical prices of scrap metals have spiraled down for more than a year to their 23-year nadir for a variety of global economic reasons. The lower prices have led some salvage yards and even farmers who supply scrap materials to hang on …
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